coming to Wii U, Xbox One, and PC/Mac
Welcome to the stylishly minimal world of Zarvot, where cute tanks fight to the death for tomatoes and glory in voxel-brick arenas.

Humor, friendship and colorful explosions abound in this stunningly designed, lighthearted local multiplayer game. Fans of Super Smash Bros, Towerfall—anyone who loves a friendly game of hi-octane, geometric warfare—will find hard to put down. Players fight with or against each other, crashing through destructible walls and duking it out with other players using finely-tuned tank cannons loaded with missiles and lasers. Up the ante by picking up power ups and level entire stages at a time!

Designed with a focus on balanced competitive mechanics, destroying other players (and being destroyed) within 30+ brilliantly diverse levels becomes seriously addictive. You can even create your own custom maps! Zarvot’s gameplay has an easy learning curve, making it fun and appropriate for all ages.

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